Yakima Greenway

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved Path

Distance – 2.6 Miles

Elevation Gain – 0

ice, snow, river

I was worried the first hike would be boring with all the leaves gone, but there was a lot of beauty.

I was so excited to get away from the computer and start on my first hike.  We are very lucky as we live close to a local trail that runs ten miles along a river.  You can park at various locations on the trail and walk, bike, or run for however long pleases you.

trail, path, beginning

You can’t get much flatter than this for starting out.

My original plan was to keep it short – I didn’t want to overdo it.  One of the nice features of the trail was 1/4 mile markers to track your progress.  When we got there we discovered the snow had covered all the markers.  We decided to try to make it to the next section so I could track my progress.  After only walking for ten minutes we spotted a blue heron.

blue heron, first hike, change

We saw this blue heron right when we started, great way to start the hike.

Halfway there we discovered a Christmas ornament hanging from one of the trees.  There was nothing else around it – just a small symbol on a quiet trail.

winter, tree, ornament

We saw this ornament hanging on a tree – it must have a story.

The walked seemed a little a little long, but there was so much to look at that I ignored the ache in my legs. Once home I tracked out trail in Google Earth and was surprised to see that we had covered 1.3 miles each way.

This was more a walk on a path than a true hike, but I am still fired up to do it again next week.


19 thoughts on “Yakima Greenway

  1. I am cheering you on each step of the way. My husband and I were going to go to Peru a few years ago but had our plans disrupted. I applaud your goal and hope you get there! We just returned several months ago from a year in Mexico and had a fabulous time. I feel very blessed for the experience and hope you are able to realize your dreams!

  2. love all the photos, especially the flat trail head photo … that is exactly what any journey looks like, right? it has to begin somewhere, and once you start putting your feet on the trail and taking a few steps, you have changed from having a plan to executing a plan.

    great photos, and what a great idea … to keep a hiking journal … good work!

      • Can you believe the poor guy has NEVER felt snow under his big ole paws? When it rains, he likes to stand in the rain, proud and tall, with his head raised towards the sky, like he is soaking in every drop. I told him you’ll be having another hike Sunday, and I swear he smiled. 🙂

  3. If you have a smart phone, I really like the iMapMyFitness program. You can use the program without a smart phone too – http://www.mapmyfitness.com/

    One thing I really like is that is creates a map and also allows you to track your fitness level, trail information and post it to FB or other services.

    When I was working on my 50 trails in 52 weeks I really found this “gadget” to be fun and inspiring to use… I wanted to see my progress and it was a huge motivator. I also took a lot of pictures of the trails and the fun thing was that it didn’t matter if you hiked a trail more than once – each time it is different.

    PS I LOVE the ornament photo… I also find random things like that on occasion and wonder what the impetus was for the placement.

    • I have an Ipad – not really good for taking on a hike though. So far I am having fun tracking my hike on Google Earth. We just got back from Hike two – am going through the photos now. I also love finding things on the path that make you go hmmm…

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