Greenway Off 40th

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved Path

Distance – 3.3 Miles

Elevation Gain – 0

ducks, snow, welcome, hike

It wasn’t until we got home that we saw the three ducks lurking in the background

We knew we wanted to go further than last week, but we didn’t expect to add almost a whole mile. Initially I was disappointed as we spent most of the walk fairly close to the highway that runs next to the path, the seed pods below were my first clue to look closer.

seeds, tree, snow

The seeds of the new year were still clinging to home

Part of the path had a run-off ditch from the freeway.  While at first all I saw was dead foliage, I began to see the beauty of the sleeping trees around me.

reeds, water, snow

The branches and dead leaves created a feathered canopy over the water

Now I started looking everywhere for the hidden beauty of winter; rosehips against snow provided me with an excellent example.

rosehips, snow, red

Even in the grey of Winter, color shouted loudly around us

 The lake is slowly beginning to thaw – we stared at the three stones resting on the surface of the frozen water wondering how they got there. No footprints in the snow meant someone had very good aim.

stones, water, ice, suspense

Time was short for these stones which will soon be at the bottom

The path we are walking on has various stones in memorial to various benefactors.  I wondered who placed the silk flowers there and why.

memorial, flowers, snow

I could not bear to wipe away the snow to see whose remembrance this was

I can’t wait to get out in the woods, but for now I am seeing parts of my hometown I have never seen before.

14 thoughts on “Greenway Off 40th

  1. I love exploring. There really is so much to see if we look at the wonders around us. It took me nine years of living in this wondrous place before I ventured out into the wild. Loving the photos. I do hope you’ll post those on Facebook too.

      • I make noises regardless of how much activity I have… sometimes I think my body is much older than I am… I have found that keeping moving is what really helps. The longer I sit the harder and more painful it becomes. My personal favorite is the fresh air – especially this time of year.

        • LOL – well that makes me feel better. I am nto sure when I started making noises when I sat down and got up – I am not a fan of it 🙂 I want to leap around, not groan.

  2. look at you! even further than last week, and then some. good job … excellent.

    absolutely adore that “three stones” picture. (and thanks for all the photos)

    I don’t know if I dare tell Bruiser he missed a chance to see some ducks … maybe we should keep that part just between us … LOL. Really great to see those photos, and hear you are rediscovering the little things along the way.

      • funny how we only see undiscovered hidden objects AFTER we take the photo sometimes … I once took a photo of a water fountain and never even realized there was a cat crouched up at the top (apparently waiting for some poor hapless bird to come along). I was so surprised when I saw that cat when I was scanning the photos on the computer … made me wonder how I could have missed it, but it must have been very very still. LOL

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