Greenway Selah

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved

Path Distance – 3.7

Miles Elevation Gain – 0

winter, color, ready

I almost canceled the hike today due to being buried in work, but am so glad I didn’t.  Armed with my first Weekly Photo Challenge – Ready; we headed off camera in hand. Right away we saw Cat Tails emerge from the remnants from last year.

cat tails, spring, ready

Ready to emerge

We finally caught up with the ducks in the distance, they were either looking for the lake to thaw or for a mediator.ducks, frozen, ready

In the naked branches the vacancies were visible as nests put out For Rent signs.

bird nest, winter, ready

When I saw this copse of trees they reminded me of sentinels waiting for Spring when they would be the carriers of leaves.

trees, bare, ready

Ready for Life

The colors were amazing once I started to look – I had always thought Winter was grey and bare. When I saw the cluster of trees off the trail it looked like a pink fairy bower.

pink, winter, fairy, bower, ready

Ready for a Fairy

We added a little to our distance and had a wonderful time – I am glad I didn’t miss it.


21 thoughts on “Greenway Selah

  1. LOVE that you are taking the camera! It will be great to see all these places that I have never been! And the hiking…that is a bonus :0)
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Now, I’m only guessing here, but I’ll bet to get a few of those shots, you actually had to move off the trail and venture into the brush a bit. Especially love the cattails photo … how did you spot that little bit of green bursting forth from the dry and brittle remnants of yesteryear? Great photos, and I’m so glad you decided to make time for the walk. Bet you were saying to yourself that even though your work schedule was weighing you down, whatever in the world would your blog buddies do without your hiking photos to fill them with inspiration and a sense of victory. The victory part belongs to you; the inspiration we all share. Thanks so much for posting the photos, and for getting out there again. Congrats of extending to 3.7 miles. Who knew? A month ago would you have believed it?

    • Not as far as you think – the cattails were actually in a ditch right next to the path – I loved seeing all the little green shoots popping up.

      I am still stunned by the distance – I was more surprised by how much I didn’t ache afterwards. I am getting stronger.

  3. What fantastic shots ! You have a natural eye, and laughed out loud with what you said about the ducks. Imagine what your pics will be once you get a camera upgrade ! Congrats on getting out and hiking ! You’ll soon be addicted.

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