Greenway Union Gap

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved

Path Distance – 4 mi

Miles Elevation Gain – 0

geese, winter, lake, hiking

Down wind

Armed with my second Weekly Photo Challenge – Down; we headed off camera in hand. Lesson learned this week – Sketchers Shape-Ups are not really good shoes for hiking if you go off the trail.

Down was hard challenge for me, so I decided to use the word in ways that made sense to me – the fluff on these seed pods looked as soft as down.

fluff, river, nature

This tree may be growing the wrong way, but it looked like it knew exactly what it was doing.tree, lake, water

I could not find a ‘down’ description for the following photo – I just loved the red against the grey background.color, winter, scenery

We left the trail and walked to the river’s edge, the stones looked so naked and exposed.riverbed, river, nature

The dead reeds look so sad as the green begins to spread out from the creek; in a month there will be no brown on this spot.weeds, green, winter, nature

We had to split the hike into two parts after we got an emergency phone call – but I am excited we broke 4 miles. Spring is coming.


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