Greenway Sarg Hubbard

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved

Path Distance – 4.5 mi

Miles Elevation Gain – 0

seed pods, hike

With every thread a seed, these pods indulged in propagation

Armed with my third Weekly Photo Challenge – Indulge; we headed off camera in hand.

Homeless people live next to the river where we walk. We have seen them and their tents quite a few times. The gentleman below was very friendly and kind enough to let us take photos of his dog whom we felt was indulging in a free ride.

dog, cart, homeless, free ride

Indulging in a free ride

We loved how the sky in the water was darker than the sky above; it is getting harder and harder to par the photos down to six.

sky, water, hike

Indulging in twice the sky

We just planted a Corkscrew willow tree this year – I have never seen one without leaves before and never next to the river.

corkscrew willow

This corkscrew willow indulged in spirals

We saw more wildlife than any other hike; 6 Blue Herons, a shy Muskrat, a rabbit, and a squirrel that moved faster than my camera.  What was most impressive was the evidence of beavers everywhere – especially at the base of this tree.

beaver, tree, hike

The tree in the center won’t last long thanks to an indulgent beaver who has already taken most of the trunk.

I love how backlighting can make everything look magical – even tumbleweeds.

tumbleweeds, light, hike

These tumbleweeds indulged in so much light they looked like clouds

This will be our last Sunday hike on the Urban Trail.  We have covered the entire trail and have hiked almost twenty miles since we started.  The Progress page has a new chart.

Next week we will be moving to our first real trail with real shoes – I can hardly wait!

The Inca Trail seems closer than ever.


23 thoughts on “Greenway Sarg Hubbard

  1. love the photos that you’ve shared …

    especially like the tumbleweed photo
    (we have plenty of those here in south Texas, too)

    time to ditch those pesky “healthy” shoes
    and get some serious footwear (hope your ankle is better)

  2. Such a better way to get into shape than on a treadmill…..and, we get to enjoy your pictures!
    And BTW, if you do get blisters, there is something called Second Skin, which has a gelpack that you put on your blister before you add the moleskin. Very soothing, especially for the big blisters.

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