Greenway Arboretum

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved

Path Distance – 2.75

Miles Elevation Gain – 0

hike, photos, witch-hazel

I never knew what the witch-hazel tree looked like until today.

We were already walking when I realized I missed the Weekly Photo Challenge; Distorted; after I got home I realized that none of the photos matched the theme – so I am going commando.

My foot was still pretty sore from last week so we took it easy.  Unfortunately we have not found hiking boots in our small town so I will try to get them next week.

Right away we saw one of my favorite sights – a brand new pine cone.

hike, baby pine cone, photo

This pine cone was still soft – a sure sign of Spring.

Since it was a short walk this week we went to the local arboretum; I was still surprised by all the color.

hike, tree, tassles

They look like tassels hanging to dry.

Every hike so far we have seen Blue Herons – last week there were six.  This week we got a surprise.

hike, blue heron, flight

A Hungry Blue Heron coming in for a landing.

I thought I had missed the shot until I got home.  I just happened to be trained on him when he dipped and brought up a fish.

hike, blue heron, fish

I almost dropped the camera when I realized I got him fishing.

The fish disappeared pretty fast and satisfied he looked very content.

hike, blue heron, satidfied

He almost looks a little mean – but likely just telling us to be on our way.

We finally hit 20 miles – I am looking forward to new boots.  The Progress page has a new chart.

With everything we have seen I can’t wait to get on dirt.


2 thoughts on “Greenway Arboretum

  1. hopefully another week of rest (at least we hope you’re taking some time to rest it?) will help you be on the mend … I’m sure the hiking boots will certainly help … can’t believe you hit 20 miles already … dedication, perseverance, and persistence paid off!

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