Greenway off 16th

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved, Gravel

Path Distance – 1.45

Miles Elevation Gain – 0

Camera in hand we headed out for Hike 7 and the Weekly Photo Challenge; Unusual. It was a short hike as I finally got hiking boots!!!!  I struggled finding something truly unusual – which was unusual 🙂

hike, nature, red wing black bird

Unusual color  popped up as I was aiming for the Red Wing Blackbird at the bottom.

Spring isn’t quite here, but the birds were everywhere on this hike.

goose, sleeping, nature, hike

It was unusual that this goose let me get so close.

I love cattails – they were everywhere – this one looked unusual as half of it was gone.

cattail, nature, hike

Half of a Cattail.

I have lived next to this lake most of my life, but have never seen brand new lily pads before.

lily pads, brand new, nature, hike

An unusual view of water lilies

I love what photos do – where there is nothing but dry sticks you can see an unusual softness in the trees.

softness, hardness, trees, nature, hike

Unusual softness

After almost a mile and half the boots started to rub a bit so we called it a day. Next week will be the big hike – my project will be done and we can spend the day.

20 thoughts on “Greenway off 16th

  1. Love the pictures!!! On my picture site, I call pictures frozen treats… during my 12+ years of my die-t, I considered them non-calorie frozen treats! Blessings!!! Proud of your effort, and love how you track everything! Excellence for sure! Visit my blog when you get a chance… it is growing, pinch by pinch. Beverley helped me move along in posting another. I admire how you are able to whisk these posts out…

  2. You actually don’t want cotton. It holds water and will increase chafing. Go to your local sporting store and check out the hiking socks. Specially made for wearing for long sweaty hours under boots. My favorites are smartwool brand, but they’re a little more pricy than most. Happy trails!

  3. ok i went and asked an expert. I have a friend who volunteers as a member of the Welsh Mountain Rescue and he says that any proper hiking supply shop should be able to advise you on what socks to wear, but you should wear 2 pairs the heels and toes should be double thickness and your boots should be a size bigger so that they accommodate two pairs of socks and never go hiking a long distance in new boots 🙂 hope that’s useful

    • That is very useful Bev – I am going to need to write a post about socks 🙂 OUr hike was pretty short for that reason, but I did wear them yesterday – getting a chaff mark on my ankle 😦

  4. I use sock liners that are made of either silk or a coolmax type fabric. Then a coolmax sock. Some like wool, I personally am not a fan. Checkout Thorlos. When in doubt with hot spots that you know you get, buy some sports tape and tape the problem areas prior to heading out. Ask me I’ve gone through the pain trying to find the magic solution.

  5. As always, just lovely. 🙂 I tried to do a hike this weekend, too, but was unable to, sadly. Nor this weekend to come. 😦 Oh, well…soon, I’ll be in the Keys, and plan to bike and walk all over the place for a week! 😀 Not hiking exactly, but, hey…new lovely scenery–can’t beat that!

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