Howard Aman Trail

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Paved, Gravel

Path Distance – 3.51

Miles Elevation Gain – 0

Camera in hand we headed out for Hike 7 and the Weekly Photo Challenge; Through.  While longer than last week, we still didn’t surpass our Five Mile mark.  The new boots weren’t quite broke in yet and I walked the last mile barefoot.

The good news was that we drove out-of-town and found an REI. I got a real life backpack which is so exciting.  It is an Osprey with a Hydration bladder – it was last year’s model, so we got a huge discount.  I also picked up some hiking pants and a jacket with removable sleeves – good-bye ugly red sweatpants.

My pedometer said that we did 4 miles, but it was off.  Frustrated I went ahead and picked up a FitBit Ultra – I am excited to start using it.

One of the first things we saw was either a River Otter or a Ferret – he was so cute I just wanted to take him home.

Weekly photo challenge, hike, through, river

Through Hiding

This was another Urban Trail, but we did pick-up a trail book at REI for next week’s hike. I was taking the photo of the statue when the man rode by on the bike. When I got home I realized that it looked like he was riding away from his childhood.

Weekly photo challenge, hike, through, childhood

Through with Childhood

For being an Urban Trail there was still a lot of wildlife. This squirrel popped out and looked at us with an evil glint in his eye telling us to back off.

Weekly photo challenge, hike, through, squirrel

Through being afraid

About halfway back we found the remnants of the old dock – with the photo challenge in mind, I thought it made a nice through photo.

Weekly photo challenge, hike, through, eyehole

Through and Through

When I was a child I used to love Seagulls – they aren’t just ocean birds, but frequent the rivers as well. This one looked like he had just finished a tough day of hunting and was contemplating his day.

Weekly photo challenge, hike, through, seagull

Through working

I felt bad that we got back so late that I was unable to post these yesterday – but we had a good time and the boots are slowly getting broken in.


39 thoughts on “Howard Aman Trail

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  2. I would suggest you wear your boots around your house and during non walking times. If they are leather, they will stretch a bit and conform to your feet. Love your little minky-thing!

  3. Your photography is gaining ground – what an interesting mixture of examples that speak to the “through” challenge. Love the little otter / ferret / mink. And the bicycle shot was great, too, as well as the one through the dock. “Through with winter” was a delightful introduction to this post, and thank you for sharing all the photos.

    Sorry that your new boots are still creaking and squinching and pinching. Hopefully they will start getting used to the idea that they are going to be with you a while, and that they need to conform to your foot sooner, rather than later, because one way or another, they are going to be there every step of the way. Well, except when you go barefoot. “:-)

    • Thank you ntexas – I still need to sit down with my manual or take a class. I find I am getting impatient with the urban trails – I can’t wait to get in the woods.

      I love going barefoot – but I am really too old to do that anymore. They will behave soon – or else!

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  5. Yeah..what’s with the boots? Both Gain and I can give you some sage advise about boots. You got a really nice backpack – I like the Osprey and also got one for my Inca Trail trek. The water bladder will be super helpful, especially when it gets hot.

    Pack a second pair of shoes your pack next time – that’s what I’m doing while I’m breaking in my newly acquired boots. Where do the boots bother you?

    • Such great links Gain without Pain – I have three lacing techniques to try now. This is such a relief because either I tie it too tight and it cuts off the circulation or it is so loose I might as well not bother. It is funny that it never crossed my mind there was a different way until you guys started posting these – thank you!

      I knew there was a way to stretch boots, but I never knew how – thank you again. Here’s to breaking the five mile barrier on Sunday!

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