Quartz Creek

Trail Difficulty – Easy

Trail Type – Road/off-trail

Distance – 10.36 miles

Elevation Gain – 350 Feet

Camera in hand we headed out for Hike 13 and the Weekly Photo Challenge; Together on our way to Quartz Creek.

Taking advantage of few cars, we again drove up to the mountains to hike around the backside of Rimrock.  The elevation gain was slow – but it was surprisingly difficult. I need to get some insoles for my shoes and I am getting blisters under my calluses now.

Curiosity got the best of me and I ended up climbing to the base of the mountain you see at the top of the post.  That dot at the bottom is me feeling very proud of myself.

mountain, hike, nature

Me and a mountain together

I love hiking with the Photo Challenge in mind, without it I might not have noticed the Aspens on the side of the road – they appeared to be reaching for each other.

Aspens, hiking, nature

Aspens reaching across the road to be together

We noticed that a few trees had some of the pine needles dying off – it looked like someone had decorated it with tinsel.

tree, pine, hiking, nature

Life and Death together

What struck me what the amount of lichens, or moss, that was on the branch of every tree – it provided a striking contrast to the green all around us.

moss, lichen, tree, hiking, nature

Lichen and trees together

We found a channel that had been cut into the mountain and spent an hour searching for quartz – my Long-Suffering Husband was worried I would load his pack with rocks.  This felled tree had been polished by the water – I wish I could have shown the size of it in the photo.

water, wood, hiking, nature

Water and Wood together

We hiked a little over 10 miles – after next week we will start working on elevation.

I can’t wait to see what happens next week.


17 thoughts on “Quartz Creek

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        • LOL – I know, I catch myself saying things I never thought I would say. I think what I like about hiking is I feel like I am getting to see things that I would never get to see before – I want to know what is around the corner.

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